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General Policies

Attendance – Students are expected to attend regularly and to arrive on time.

Absences – Absences for sickness, will be noted and students will be given an opportunity to make up the class(es) missed in the next session of the course.  The student will be notified via email, when the class(es) they missed is offered.    

Attire – Students are expected to wear comfortable age appropriate clothing and shoes.  Student attire should not interfere with the learning of others or draw attention to themselves.

Materials – Students are expected to bring a notebook and pencil/pen, and may be asked by an instructor to bring other school supplies or materials.

Behavior – All students are expected to conduct themselves in socially acceptable manner and to be friendly and kind to one another at all times.

We have two rules guiding behavior:

  1. Students are to treat each other like they want to be treated.
  2. Student behavior and actions will not interfere with the learning of others.