The philosophy of the  Leaders of the Future embraces the awareness that a child learns and matures best when professionals and educators are sensitive to and concentrate on the child’s individual social-emotional needs and their academic development.

“Discover the genius in your child.”          
Leaders of the Future – Programs
We offer a wide variety of courses for personal and academic grow.
We offer testing services for multiple purposes.
And we have counseling services readily available.

Through the Leaders of the Future course programs and services, students are exposed to role models, motivating topics of interests, and engaging activities incorporated into specific and targeted learning objectives and vocabulary, designed to improve self-concept, self-monitoring skills, strength of character, cognitive talents,and academic aptitudes.

Testing and Counseling Services


  • Individual or Family counseling
  • Psychological counseling
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Psycho-Educational Counseling
  • Others upon request and/or as needed

Our experienced and highly qualified psychological services include the following

Developmental testing:  Children mature at different rates, sometimes the biological clock is not the same as the chronological clock. The “clock” can run faster or slower than what is considered normal.  These developmental tests determine the developmental age of your child.  Using the testing results and insights we will make recommendations for an appropriate course of action for this child regarding; school / grade level placement, exercises / recreational programs, social engagement, and tutoring.   This testing is especially significant for those students who appear to be falling behind or are noticeably advanced  in PreK, Kindergarten and elementary school. 

Behavior – Socio-Emotional Testing:  Tests will be administered to identify those behaviors that are impacting the normal and successful development of a child.  Recommendations will be discussed with the parent providing options and intervention strategy to help the parent in deciding the most appropriate plan of action that best fits their child’s need.   Behavioral Therapy is available at LEADERS of the Future.

Aptitude testing: These tests include a wide variety of testing.  Learning style preference, attitudes, strengths and weakness in cognition and aptitude are all included in this testing battery.  The shared results provide insight into how the student learns best and what skills the student naturally possesses.  Recommended for all middle and high school students.

Intelligence Testing – These tests determine your child’s IQ.

General Policies

Attendance – Students are expected to attend regularly and to arrive on time.

Absences – Absences for sickness, will be noted and students will be given an opportunity to make up the class(es) missed in the next session of the course.  The student will be notified via email, when the class(es) they missed is offered.    

Attire – Students are expected to wear comfortable age appropriate clothing and shoes.  Student attire should not interfere with the learning of others or draw attention to themselves.

Materials – Students are expected to bring a notebook and pencil/pen, and may be asked by an instructor to bring other school supplies or materials.

Behavior – All students are expected to conduct themselves in socially acceptable manner and to be friendly and kind to one another at all times.

We have two rules guiding behavior:

  1. Students are to treat each other like they want to be treated.
  2. Student behavior and actions will not interfere with the learning of others.

Course Descriptions

Get Ready, Prep, Go! -  University Prep programs:  An essential program for students wanting to prepare themselves for university entrance.

  •  Career counseling – This program helps university bound students to determine their interests, aptitudes and academic strengths and weaknesses prior to selection of a career and college.  Career options are explored and goals and direction are developed.  Also, universities are reviewed and evaluated for a good “fit.”
  • University counseling – This program assists students in the actual selection of the right “fit” universities and in the preparation of the university application package for those university selected, including the writing of the essay and preparing for the interview.
  • Standardized testing prep – This program will prepare students for taking the standardized tests for university entry.    SAT, PSAT, TOEFL Experienced teachers will provide instruction, practice tests, reduce test anxiety and increase the student’s self-confidence.  Academic tutoring is available, as needed.

University ENGLISH Prep – Students can improve their English speaking skills and increase their vocabulary by participating in this class. Conversational, interactive, engaging and fun, taught by native English speakers.

LEAD the way to ENGLISH – Students will be tested for their English proficiency and given English practice and instruction according to their level.  Small group instruction.  Native English speaking instructors.   Ages – 5 and up.   

 Smart Tutoring – This program is designed to assist students in improving their understanding of academic content and their academic performance (grades).  There are proven skills in which students must master in order to academically excel.  Skills such as: note taking, summarizing, determining what is important, meta cognition (thinking about their thinking), etc.  These skills will be examined and practiced in innovated ways, providing each student with rewarding insight and extraordinary skill development for academic success.

Academic Tutoring: We offer academic tutoring in: basic and advance Mathematics and Writing. (Additional courses are being added)   All grade levels. 

On Leaders and Leadership:   Do you ever wonder what it is about vibrant, captivating, strong leaders that separate them from the rest? This program is designed to examine the psychological and personality traits that high-achieving leaders seem to have in common.  Students will compare and contrast leadership attributes.  Students will evaluate leaders of their choice and analyze the attributes, significance and contributions these leaders made; discovering the qualities and challenges of leadership.  Students will also learn about integrity and ethical decision making. Participatory activities are presented to discover and develop leadership skills. 

Who me?  A Self-Awareness course: This “must take” course is for all students.  In this course students will discover their preferred learning styles. Students will learn how to utilize their learning style to improve their academics and study habits and to gain insight into themselves.  Additionally students will be purposefully moved out of their comfort zones to learn about adaptability, flexibility, failure, courage and independence.  Thorough interactive activities, role playing and videos students will develop their self-awareness and self-confidence.  Students will be stimulated to discover themselves.