Leaders of the Future


Leaders of the Future is an organization dedicated to analyzing how a child learns. We tailor our curriculum and teaching method to the individual student’s learning style, determined by our in-depth evaluation. Our mission is to assist schools and parents in identifying and educating gifted students who will eventually become leaders in their respective field.  At leaders of the future we work hand in hand with schools to identify gifted children.  Leaders of the Future will assist schools to monitor and build academic skill sets that will evolve into highly successful business and career traits.

Working with Children


At Leaders of the Future, we want children to love learning.  We want to know what a child loves to do, so that we can channel this energy into successful academic traits.  Together with schools, we take the tension away from parents having to worry about academic progress after school.   We give students more focused attention and help them understand and adapt to their individual learning style.  This makes students more successful and naturally school work will become more enjoyable.  Our goal is to make students at Leaders of the Future examples to children across the nation.

Working with Schools


Together with school, Leaders of the Future can discover children’s learning styles, academic strengths and individual talent. It is paramount to our success that we work with children’s teachers to become a solid support system for gifted children. By supporting teachers, our ability to bring out the best in a student will be a joint effort, as well as a more successful effort. By working with subject teachers, we can also discover how children can capitalize on their individual skills and talents, in and out of the classroom.  Leaders of the Future can serve children as after school support, while simultaneously working on children’s long term academic goals e.g.. Preparing students from an early age to enter competitive universities.

Working with Parents


As a parent understanding the learning patterns of your child is invaluable. Children in the same family rarely learn the same way. Husbands and wives usually have distinct learning styles, and parents often approach tasks in different ways from their children, which can cause conflict. At Leaders of the Future we work on eliminating these conflicts and creating a positive learning environment, at school and at home. A child that has a positive outlook about learning, also begins building strong self esteem. Leaders Of The Future believes that the nucleus of a successful child, is a child with high self esteem.