Who We Are

Leaders of the Future is an organization funded by Briggs Capital, an investment bank headquartered in Boston, MA.  Through Briggs Capital, many successful leaders in the US business community will participate as speakers and advisors to help give our students a competitive edge.  Our network of philanthropists and Ivy- league alumni are an integral part of Leaders of the Future and instrumental in helping our students gain admission and scholarships to the world’s best universities.

Rod Robertson 



Is a Senior Advisor to Leaders of the Future and is currently the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital, a Boston based investment bank with offices in New York and Panama City. Rod has managed over forty transactions and has led funding over the past decade of over fifteen start up or early stage companies. Rod’s father, John, was a catalyst in the founding of modern day Sylvan Learning Centers twenty years ago. Rod remains active with the principals of Sylvan on a personal and professional basis. Rod will continue to provide stateside knowledge and content that will be critical for Leaders of the Future to continue its quest to be in the forefront of educational and thought leadership around the globe. Rod has recently acquired residential and commercial real estate in Panama and looks forward to spending more time working and living in Panama. Rod enjoys guest lecturing around the globe and has recently been lecturing at the Harvard Business School.

 Jose Goldner, M.Ed   





 Is currently the President of Leaders of the Future. Jose previously built and acquired a wide variety of businesses ranging from technology and tourism companies, to real estate investment firms. Jose Goldner began his career as an English literature professor, teaching at the Panama Canal College, The International School of Panama, Universidad Latina, and the Oxford International School. Jose is certified to instruct students in the International Baccalaureate Degree programs and has published poetry in various journals in the United States: The New England Review, The Comstock Review, The Georgia Review, and Dream International Quarterly. In January 2010, Goldner was appointed Managing Director of Briggs Capital, a Boston -based investment bank focused on international Mergers & Acquisitions and real estate. In the last 7 years, Jose Goldner has aimed the majority of his efforts at the development of the Azuero Peninsula, a region, located on the southwestern coast of the Republic of Panama. Although an entrepreneur, Jose Goldner holds a Literature degree from Miami Ohio University, in Oxford Ohio, and a Master of Education degree from Framingham State college.

 Andrew Crain



“Our experiences as CEOs, family business owners and entrepreneurs give Briggs professionals a unique vantage point from which to successfully guide our clients through the financial, operational and emotional aspects of the transaction process.”
Andy brings to Briggs Capital a diverse skill set of transactional, executive and legal acumen, honed through his work as an investment banker and his prior experience first as a lawyer and then as the fifth generation owner and CEO of his family’s food manufacturing business. Since 2005, Andy has provided corporate finance advisory services as an investment banker to middle market companies throughout New England, and to food & beverage manufacturers and marketers nationwide.

 Ellen Steinlauf


“Each and every engagement begins with an indepth analysis and understanding of our client’s business and the industry in which they operate. There are no cookie-cutter approaches at Briggs, although we have a proven methodology and understand how the process should be managed. Since we are building relationships and not simply executing transactions, we take the time to listen and understand, that we may better assist in our clients’ success, no matter at what stage of the business lifecycle.” Ellen M. Steinlauf manages Briggs’ New York office and is an experienced M&A consultant, entrepreneur, and business leader whose expertise has been in successfully formulating and implementing middle-market business strategies for maximum business valuation leading to a transaction.

Kerry Leppo


“On the operational side, we strive to be the same kind of tightly-run company we would recommend to investors. We maintain an extensive database of financing opportunities, keep close track of legal and financial details, and devote substantial resources to matching the right company with the right lenders and investors.” Kerry S. Leppo contributes over 25 years of solid business development, marketing and operations background to Briggs Capital. A seasoned advertising executive on both the agency side and the client side, Kerry has worked with a vast array of consumer and business-to-business products and services.

Lysle Wickersham



“At Briggs, building solid relationships with our clients and their management is the first step. Goals, strategy and timing come next. And all before we consider the nature of any transactions.” With an enviable history of success in strategic planning, corporate positioning, integrated communications, and business building Lysle Wickersham brings a decidedly strategic approach to mergers and acquisitions. Trained in communications, marketing and psychology, Lysle has spent the last 20 years helping companies build their brands and their bottom lines in sectors as diverse as high technology, consumer products and services, financial services and business-to-business.


Dana Narlee




 “There are a multitude of investment and financing options that we can customize for a client. First, the owner(s) objectives and timing need to be fully contemplated and mapped-out” Dana Narlee, as a former business owner and entrepreneur, brings three decades of transaction, operations and investment experience to Briggs Capital. Dana has brokered, operated and/or invested, as a principal, in hundreds of investment banking and commercial real estate transactions over the past thirty years. Dana’s analytical and marketing process ensures business owners receive the highest value or favorable growth funding for their business.

 Roy Sutton




“In today’s equity market, there are an incredible number of ways for a seller to be compensated for their life’s work besides cash at close. We are a great believer in a ‘second bite of the apple.” Roy has over twenty years of experience in acquisitions, divestitures, corporate finance, business development and strategic planning for low to mid market companies. Roy has acted as a Principal or facilitator in over 100 transactions. Roy has provided corporate advisory and capital raising of equity for early stage growth companies. For later stage companies, Roy has secured joint venture, strategic investment and recapitalization transactions for clients looking for growth, liquidity or exit strategies.